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New Resources Section!

We're on a mission! Our clients are always asking us questions on a large variety of topics regarding their business. And now we're going to share our answers with you! We've created a new Resources section with our thoughts about email, newsletters, graphics, photos, and more!

Resources just for you!

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Status Station

Station Station is an online production assistant, designed to keep your customers and clients informed during every phase of your process-driven business. Originally designed for the auto damage repair industry, Status Station integrates well into any business that has process steps - especially those that involve communications with the customer. Status Station can reduce your incoming customer and supplier phone calls by as much as 70%!

Status Station is fully customizable and blends seamlessly into your existing website. Of course, if you don't have an existing website, we'll be glad to build you one.

Email us today for more information.

Ad Station

Ad Station is currently under development. When completed, it will offer publication managers the ability to upload and download ads, eliminating faxes and phone calls. The customer will be able to comment on the ad, or upload another ad. They will also have the ability to approve the ad. Ad Station works well for multiple publications, even when the same customer has 2 different ads in 2 different publications.

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We offer completely customizable e-commerce solutions. No longer are you constrained to having your shopping cart display only certain information. You specify the information a site visitor will see, you upload the photos and set the prices. Our e-commerce solution puts you in the driver's seat.