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New Resources Section!

We're on a mission! Our clients are always asking us questions on a large variety of topics regarding their business. And now we're going to share our answers with you! We've created a new Resources section with our thoughts about email, newsletters, graphics, photos, and more!

Resources just for you!

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We've looked high and low and found some very good tools to help your business.


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=> Seven Deadly Design Sins

eCommerce Solution

Want to sell things on your web site? You must accept credit cards. If you do not, you are leaving money on the table! This is the most cost effective way we have found to accept credit card payments on-line. The best part is that it's powered by a name that people trust...PayPal. Click below to get started today and get those sales before someone else does.

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Constant Contact - Stay Connected
Stay Connected with Email Marketing and Survey

With Email Marketing by Constant Contact®, you'll discover that you can quickly create affordable, professional-looking email campaigns that help you better connect with your customers, clients, or members. And with Survey, our online survey product, you can better understand their needs and wants.

Best of all, with Constant Contact, you have the same support and personal coaching more than 130,000 businesses, associations, and nonprofits trust to help them build strong, lasting relationships. Get a FREE 60 day trial! Learn more...

We can help you set this up as part of our Consulting service.

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Most marketers try to load up their emails with ridiculous phrases like:

"Oh my God! I've got to get this off my chest before I explode! Finally revealed for the first time ever is this smoking hot new killer system for sucking cash out of people's pockets!"

The thing is, that kind of writing is obnoxious, and it really doesn't work. It may have worked years ago when people weren't used to seeing stuff like that, but these days, we just want to be talked to like a normal person.


This was probably the worst thing we were doing. We would go off on so many tangents in my emails, trying to tell the reader too many things at once.

When it came time for people to take action, they weren't sure what we wanted them to do, because I had told them about 5 different products in the email.

Take this lesson to heart... make your email about one thing, and one thing only. You'll be surprised to see how much more money you make every time you email your list.


Have you ever been faced with the task of having to write an email promotion to your list, and then realized that you didn't know what to say or how to say it?

Michael Rasmussen's new video course "Email Promos Exposed" promises to solve that problem for you by walking you through the actual process of creating killer email promos step-by-step.

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